Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Last Stand Trainer

Ok the Last Stand Trainer is done... It has a super pistol feature where the pistol shoots 3 bullets at once and pretty much gets an instant kill, and has really good aim and unlimited ammo in one clip. It also has a heal barricade feature where, of course, it heals the barricade to 100 health. Another feature in it is More hours in a day. You can get as many hours as you want in one day. And the last feature i made so far is one that automatically gives you 6 survivors. You press it while your playing the first level, then in the second level, you'll have six survivors with you.

To download it, go to here...

Click Here!

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somedude9403 said...

nice, HOW DID U DO THIS THO? i tried using Netscape and cheat engine and scanned the crap out of it to edit the number of days i had but found nothing, AND i downloaded it in .swf format... and tried the same with no avail
(scanning every value possible in hex and decimal!)
i even tried to edit the barricade health but it did no good...
can u enlighten me as to how you achieved changing the number of hours in a day or changing health?

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